Show 18: Iraq: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
(September 28, 2005 program)

The Good

Victory Is Possible

The Republic of Turkey (Wikipedia)

Kemal Atatürk (Wikipedia)

The tomb of Atatürk in Ankara, Turkey

Looking for Peace in Iraq
By Adil Shamoo -September 14, 2005

Before It's Too Late in Iraq
By Wesley K. Clark
Washington Post - August 26, 2005

Anti-Iraq invasion protest poster in Istanbul, Turkey - July 2004

Shabak protestors in Mosul 8-28-05

supporters of al-Sadr demonstration - August 2005


The Bad

Dead, Dying and Wounded

Iraq charter "true recipe for chaos" - 8/29/2005

Shiites, Kurds give up on constitution talks with Sunnis
New York Times -August 27, 2005

What Mideast Reform Will Require
By David S. Broder - August 11, 2005

bomb kills 14 marines in Iraq 8-4-05

Suicide bomb in Baghdad - August 2005

The Costs of Quagmire
By Erik Leaver -September 14, 2005

by Larry C. Johnson

US commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, General George Casey,
said insurgent assaults in Iraq "were running at between 50 and 60 attacks a day." - September 2005


Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Remembering the soldiers who died in the service of their country.

The Ugly

Rightwing Fervor For War

Fox's Gibson: What's wrong with Bush administration's "pick" of WMD as "good reason" for Iraq war?

O'Reilly touted Iraqi oil "success story," but ignored key factors

Their War, Too
Are mere pundits responsible when an administration’s policy goes wrong? When their sophistic arguments helped sell and sustain it, very.

By Harold Meyerson, American Prospect


Rumsfeld's ill-conceived photo-op with Captain America - April 2005

A protest van at the Phish IT Festival - August 2003

Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam 1983

Soldier in Iraq